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Here Are Toilet Feng Shui that Shouldn't Worry You

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For some reason, this part of a home concerns most people.

People often ask- where should a toilet be in a house? They think toilets are a highly negative aspect of any home become toilets are associated with foul smell and negative energies.

There’s also this misconception that toilets flush away wealth. This is why a toilet embodies negative energy in the house.

These are wrong impressions. We live in a modern world where toilets are clean and do not cause.

What Shouldn’t Worry You

Let’s go through toilet feng shui that shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

Toilet Above the Bedroom

This is not an issue unless you are sleeping underneath the toilet bowl.

Psychologically, people think that dozing in a bedroom underneath the toilet is bad because they are subjected to fecal matter while asleep.

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A convex mirror.

However, this is not why a toilet above the bedroom is flawed.

A toilet bowl above the bed where the bedroom has a low ceiling (less than 12 feet), then it creates a problem.

The cure is simple- move the bed!

Toilet Above the Kitchen

Sometimes there is a toilet above the kitchen in a house design.

There is no doubt that water energy from the toilet above will indirectly affect the fire element of the kitchen.

That is only a cause of concern if the cooktop is located directly underneath the toilet bowl.

But let’s assume you do come across a house that has a cooktop directly under a toilet bowl.

What are you going to do then?

Again, simple. Just move the cooktop away.

However, if the kitchen has a high ceiling of more than 15 feet and above, then this shouldn’t be a concern.

Head of Bed Against Toilet Wall

You may ask if the bed headboard right next to a toilet bowl behind the wall is a feng shui problem or not.

The answer will be no.

Other than a minor sleep disturbance caused by toilet flushing, you shouldn’t be too concerned with this layout.

Room Door Facing Toilet Door

This is a common layout in a smaller house. In this scenario, all the qì energy that enters the bedroom immediately flows into the toilet room instead of circulating in the bedroom.

This is not a great layout as fresh energy doesn’t get to replace stale energy inside the bedroom. So avoid buying a house with such a layout.

However, you can improve the feng shui of this layout by placing furniture like a small cabinet between the bedroom door and toilet flow.

The furniture can help redirect the qì flow into the bedroom instead.

Toilet Above Dining Room

Feeling uncomfortable with a toilet above you when eating is probably a psychological issue rather than feng shui.

You should not be too unsettled with this setting unless there is an issue with the toilet piping leaking.

If your dining table is directly underneath the toilet bowl, then you can consider moving the table away from it.

Otherwise, this is just another toilet feng shui you shouldn’t bother too much.

What You Should Take Note

Toilet at the Bottom or Top of the Staircase

Some double stories houses may have a toilet that is located right at the bottom or top of a staircase.

In this layout, qì energy is flowing into the toilet and trapped in the toilet instead of distributing around the house.

Such a house design is not great as the stale qì is trapped in one room.

Toilet above the Main Door

In this design, the main door of a house is directly underneath a toilet bowl or bathtub.

This design will cause excess water energy above the main door, creating a negative qì around the area.

What you can potentially do is move the main door inwards or outwards. Or relocate the toilet bowl away from the main door.

Obviously, these remedies will be costly so when you are buying a home, you may want to take note of such a layout.

Another remedy would be avoiding using the toilet, but this would render the toilet useless.

Now, if the ceiling of the main door area is higher than 12 feet, then this is a moot problem.

Last Thought

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