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How to Attract Love with 12 Miraculous Feng Shui Tips

Author: David Hu
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One day someone walked into your bedroom and told you to rearrange your bedroom if you want to find long-lasting love.

He also advised you to place some decorative ornaments in pairs in your room and not to sleep under an overhead beam.

If you have never heard of feng shui, you would have thought he might be from some mental asylum.

But this is what a feng shui practitioner would have advised you.

It feels crazy if you don’t understand the philosophy behind it.

Feng shui is an ancient art that teaches us the arrangement of one’s home and possessions to affect a universal force called qì that attracts good luck and prosperity.

Role of Feng Shui in Romance

Feng shui encompasses every aspect of our life. Love is just one of them.

You can use feng shui to attract the right partner to you.

It can even revitalize your lackluster relationship if you are currently in one.

No matter who you are, you have a right to a rich and fulfilling relationship. Feng shui does not discriminate against the type of partner you seek.

Loneliness and Singlehood on the Rise

Loneliness has increased tremendously over the years as more people flocked to the cities.

More than half of the world’s population lives in towns and cities.

I once lived in a New York City apartment for two years and I do not even know the names of the people living next door.

Image for post A girl looking at a couple kissing.
A girl looking at a couple kissing.

According to a 75-year Harvard study, having a relationship is one secret to happiness.

If you look at statistics, most states in America have about a third of the household consisting of a single person.

In the District of Columbia alone, more than a third of the households are single-person households.

Many of these people may have been married but are now single because of divorce or the death of a partner.

Feng Shui Tips that Matter

When you read these tips, you may think they are superstitious.

But feng shui at its core premise is about harnessing positive energy from our environment.

A positive environment in turn improves your emotions and overall well-being.

A positive emotion leads to a great human-to-human relationship, which then leads to great love life.

Use Your Daily Items in Pink Color

Pink as the color of love is not just a feng shui thing.

There is this thing called color psychology.

Pink is universally associated with love and femininity.

Image for post Woman in a pink sports bra.
Woman in a pink sports bra.

Wearing pink help create that love vibe.

Pink objects help create that love aura in your life. You should consider swapping out items you use daily with pink color variants- pink purse, pink mug, pink flask.

If you want to form a new relationship, you must get over your past emotions.

Image for post A rubbish bin.
A rubbish bin.

Get rid of your past emotions by throwing away things related to your past lovers.

You need to get rid of all the old gifts your past lovers gave.

Sell them, give them to other people or even throw them away.

Immerse Yourself in Love

Watch nice romantic movies and novels that will give you love vibes or listen to love songs.

Image for post A girl listening to music.
A girl listening to music.

Immerse yourself in love by listening to love songs.

Use Round, Circled Objects

The circle shape stands for perfection. Avoid angular ones.

For example, wear a round-shaped watch instead of a rectangular one.

Attend More Special Events

If you are invited, please attend special events such as birthday parties or your best friends’ weddings! Please do not reject them.

You get to know more people and make friends.

Image for post Illustration of a wedding party.
Illustration of a wedding party.

Always make an effort to attend special events like a wedding party if possible.

Who knows if one of them may end up becoming your partner in the future?

Place Lush Plants and Flowers in the House

Place lush plants and flowers in your house.

Image for post A pot of lush plants.
A pot of lush plants.

A pot of lush plants symbolizes growth in feng shui.

Lush plants not only help dissolve shā qì but also symbolize growth and help your love emotion.

Let Warm and Natural Light into Your Bedroom

Light represents qì energy and is one of the strongest energy sources.

It’s a basic element of a good feng shui.

You need to encourage as much qì as possible into the bedroom during the day.

By opening the blinds or curtains during the daytime, you help replace the stale energy accumulated in the room with fresh energy.

Image for post Woman opening curtain to let natural light in.
Woman opening curtain to let natural light in.

Let more natural light into your bedroom as it helps energize your bedroom.

If possible, open the windows as well.

While sunlight is a good source of qì, you do not want direct sunlight into the bed as you will overactivated the energy in the bed.

Consequently, you will have difficulty sleeping on such a bed.

Declutter Your Bedroom

From a relationship point of view, your bedroom is the most important room in the house.

A cluttered bedroom embodies stale energy and will make you emotionally drained.

Always ensure your bedroom is clutter-free as much as possible.

Image for post An illustration of a girl being unhappy due to a cluttered bedroom.
An illustration of a girl being unhappy due to a cluttered bedroom.

Cluttering of the bedroom leads to the cluttering of your mind and makes you unhappy.

Make Sure Your Bed Not in a Coffin Position

People are buried according to their horoscope in ancient China.

This means it could be months before they could be buried. The coffins would be lined up in the courtyards of a temple.

When the Chinese see the foot of the bed pointing directly towards the door, it reminds them of this coffin position.

The foot of your bed must not point directly toward the main entrance to the room.

This is not just a bad feng shui but a bad omen as well.

Place pink crystal or rose quartz

Pink crystal or rose quartz has a miraculous effect on love.

Image for post Mandarin ducks ornaments made with rose quartz.
Mandarin ducks ornaments made with rose quartz.

You can place them on the head of your bed.

Avoid Black and White

Black and white symbolize death in most cultures.

Image for post An illustration of a couple wearing black and white to attend a funeral.
An illustration of a couple wearing black and white to attend a funeral.

A couple wearing black and white.

People attend funerals in black and white attire.

So, avoid such colors from permeating your surroundings.

Decorate and renovate your home with pastel tones such as light blue, pink, beige, opal, or yellow. That will improve your love emotion.

Avoid Objects that Imply Singlehood

Change all solitary items in your home into pairs.

Image for post A pair of bear animal soft toys.
A pair of bear animal soft toys.

When placing plush toys in your home, always have them in pairs as a single soft toy implies singlehood.

If you have plush toys, try to place them in a pair.

You can also hang some paintings or artworks that depict a loving couple like mandarin ducks as it is considered auspicious.

One Last Word

Some tips here are common sense and not just purely feng shui.

But as mentioned here, common sense is part of feng shui.

Ultimately if we want to attract love, we need to enhance our emotions.

And that includes harnessing positive energy from our surroundings (i.e. bedroom) and getting rid of negative energy permeating our life.

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