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How to Use the Right Bagua

Author: David Hu
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Bagua is a potent and mystical tool in improving the feng shui of a location.

Its octagonal shape and the eight I Ching trigrams signify the perfection and power of the Chinese universe.

For centuries, the Chinese have placed this octagon on plots of land, houses, rooms, and even faces and palms to improve their fate.

Most people must have heard this; if outside a house has shā qì, hang a Bagua mirror.

However, a Bagua mirror is like a typical mirror; it can be a double-edged sword.

For the curious ones, there are also additional questions to ask.

Are there many types of Bagua mirror out there?

Can we use any Bagua mirror for the feng shui cure without consideration?

This brief article will attempt to answer these questions.

Types of Bagua Mirror

Feng shui practitioners use two types of Baguas in feng shui; a convex mirror and a concave mirror type.

Each of them has its specific use case.

Thus, understanding them allows you to use them correctly.

Correctly here means not harming the feng shui of your surroundings.

Bagua with Convex Mirror

Firstly, take a look at Bagua with a convex mirror.

A convex mirror is a mirror with a bulging surface.

By adhering law of physics, a convex mirror will diverge light outwards.

Image for post A convex mirror.
A convex mirror.

A convex mirror will diverge light outwards.

Such a mirror will not be able to focus light. We also called a convex mirror a diverging mirror.

Applying common sense in feng shui, a convex mirror can deflect any bad energy coming our way.

Hence, use Bagua with a convex mirror to block or disperse shā qì in feng shui.

If your main door faces a T-junction or road rush, you can hang a Bagua on your front door to disperse the shā qì due to the T- junction.

Image for post An illustration of a house on a T-junction road.
An illustration of a house on a T-junction road.

Hanging a Bagua at your front door can cure the shā qì emanating from the T-junction

Similarly, you can hang such Bagua to reduce shā qì if your house faces buildings like hospitals, police stations, and funeral homes.

Bagua with Concave Mirror

A concave mirror characteristic is the opposite of a convex mirror.

Instead of bulging, the concave mirror has a crater.

Instead of reflecting light outwards, the concave mirror reflects light into a focal point.

Again using common sense, a concave mirror can focus energy in our way.

Thus, use Bagua with a concave mirror when you want to keep or absorb positive energy in your house.

Image for post A concave mirror.
A concave mirror.

A concave mirror will reflect light into a focal point.

If you live in an apartment unit where the main door faces a downward staircase, it symbolically means your wealth or positive qì is leaking away.

In such circumstances, you can hang a concave-type Bagua mirror at the main door to recapture the positive qì back into your unit.

Think of the concave type Bagua mirror as a qì absorber- it can soak up positive qì from your surroundings and bring prosperity to your family.

Because of this, people like to use such Bagua to capture wealth in their homes.

For example, if your house faces a sea view or a swimming pool, you can use a concave mirror Bagua to capture the water qì. Water symbolically means wealth in feng shui.

Image for post A swimming pool.
A swimming pool.

A swimming pool symbolizes wealth in feng shui.

Trivia: A Building with a Concave Mirror Design

With this understanding, it’s not difficult to figure out why Casino Wynn in Macau has an architectural design that looks like a concave mirror.

Image for post Illustration of Wynn Macau Hotel Casino Resort.
Illustration of Wynn Macau Hotel Casino Resort.

Casino Wynn in Macau has the design of a gigantic concave mirror.

The owner and architects have consulted feng shui masters for such a design to mimic a giant concave mirror.

The design is brilliant from a feng shui point of view.

It symbolically means the Casino Wynn is absorbing the positive energy from the rival casino operator, Casino Lisboa.

Image for post Casino Lisboa, Macau.
Casino Lisboa, Macau.

Casino Lisboa in Macau

There is even an enormous water fountain in front of Casino Wynn that enhance its wealth attribute.

Image for post Satellite view of Casino Wynn and Casino Lisboa in Macau, China, using Google Maps.
Satellite view of Casino Wynn and Casino Lisboa in Macau, China, using Google Maps.

Casino Wynn looks like a massive concave mirror from a satellite view. This symbolically means the casino is capturing the wealth from the water fountain and its rival casino operator, Casino Lisboa (Source: Google Map).

Don’ts of Bagua

We now know that a Bagua with a concave mirror is an energy-absorbing tool.

Then you must avoid hanging it facing structures that have shā qì or negative energy.

Otherwise, your Bagua will absorb all the negative energy into your house.

For example, you should take down your Bagua if there’s construction in progress in front of your home to avoid absorbing any negative energy from it.

You must not hang Bagua inside your home or facing your neighbors’ main door.

Final Thoughts

All the Bagua out there may look the same.

If you bother to examine them closely, they could be different!

Make sure you use the correct type of Bagua for a specific feng shui cure.

Otherwise, you may cause feng shui in your surroundings worst than before.

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